Taking Long Walks ft. Pokémon GO

I really like walking. Now, that might sound really strange coming from a person who HATES exercise, it's actually true. I often take super long walks (I'm talking like 10km) for whatever reason (eg. the dogwood photo challenge, just cuz, and Pokémon GO) and sometimes I see cool things.

So, I thought I'd take this change to share some of those photos with you, and also to rant about the app that is Pokémon GO.

I love the above photo. It was taken during Nuit Blanche of 2015. This is an art piece showing how much garbage we make in a year.

These photos were taken from that day I went downtown to try and take a city-type photo in Chinatown.

Now, these last photos were taken during my first official adventure for the purpose of playing Pokémon GO. The last photo of the Don River is unedited.

Now, I just have a few things to say about Pokémon GO. Let me first just say that I know it hasn't been released in Canada at all yet, so I'm to expect problems with the official apk, but STILL.

The servers suck SO much. Like, the amount of times I've arrived at a Pokémon gym and found that the servers were down is so frustratingly high. Also... isn't there more you guys could do to make your app more battery saving???? Like why must the screen be on to load anything? If only the page could still be working while the screen was off, that would be SO much better.

All of this is just me being salty that it hasn't been officially released in Canada... And also the fact that I've run out of Poké balls. :(

With that being said, despite all the anger that this game has caused me, I actually still really like it.

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