Random April Favourites!

This favourites really doesn't have any beauty products at all, as they usually do. But, here are the things that I enjoyed in the month of April.

Muji Products

Items from Muji: 2 black pens, light blue pen, dark blue pen, pencil case
Muji is a Japanese store that literally means "no name brand." And for that reason, I love it. I love how minimalistic and plain everything is. All of the labels can be stripped off for a sleek look. I haven't tried their paper or home products, but I'm sure in the future I will be making lots and lots of visits back to that store!

Mildliners by Zebra

I very recently got these highlighters in the mail from Japan, but they are an instant favourite. These pastel colours are so lovely and candy-like. Can't wait to actually start using these!


I saw that "Avatar: Legend of Korra" was on Netflix and was immediately intrigued because I had seen some of "the Last Airbender" when I was a child. And, oh my goodness, let me just say that it's better than some of the shows that were meant for adults. A must watch. I also went back to "Avatar: The Last Airbender" just to re-jog my memory, and I'm so glad I did. I'm enjoying the two series immensely. I love how every second is either action-packed, hilarious, or adorable. Why can't we be benders?? ):


It's been so long since I've drawn anything, and I'm so glad that I now have the time to do it again. I recently borrowed the how-to book from a friend and am having much fun drawing these chibis.

Word Swag

The last favourite is an app that I purchased in April. Word Swag lets you create stunning words to go with your stunning images. It's the app that I used to create the first picture of this post!


  1. i like muji too! x

    jess x | https://wellwellgirls.blogspot.tw/

  2. Avatar is such a brilliant show, I watched it a lot last year with my flat and fell in love! Appa <3

  3. Great post!
    Mademoiselle Coconath


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