A New "New Year's Resolution"?

I said in an earlier post that I would only have 2, buuuuut, I think a third has creeped its way into my life.  The new one is..... exercise!

Now, now, I know that you all think, "Omg she is just like all the other annoying people who are like 'this year, I'm going to get super fit' and stop the regiment after a month." But I'm going to REALLY try. Try to exercise more, that is, just more, not every day.

I've been on and off following Cassey from Blogilates, but haven't actually done most of her workouts. But, recently, I've found myself back on her page more often and trying some of them out. (As a result, my body is sore to the max!)

If you guys also have exercise on your list of things to make a habit, and haven't given Cassey's workouts a try, here's one!

Have fun!


5 Must Have Skincare Items to Survive Winter

From left to right, top to bottom: lip balm, body butter, FAB moisturizer, Clean & Clear moisturizer, face mask, exfoliator

During the winter, my skin looks basically like a dried up pavement with like a billion cracks (horrific, but true). So, without these things, I don't think I could make it through the cold Canadian months, haha. They're essentials to me!

1. Lip Balm

If I go even a night without lip balm, my lips will start crusting and cracking, and all-round looking disgusting. The one I've been using the most often is one by eos. I love the waxy consistency (even though some people hate it), I just think it seals in the moisture really well. I think the flavour I have is called Peppermint Vanilla (I forgot, lol, if I'm wrong, I'm so sorry)

2. Facial Moisturizer

A moisturizer is so important to me, like, if I don't use it for even a day, I will notice dry flakey patches (not pretty) on my face. The one I use at nighttime is the "First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream." It's really thick and creamy (duh), but the thing I kind of dislike about it is the smell. Although it's not strong, it's definitely not something I would call pleasing.

In the mornings, my favourite is one by Clean and Clear called "Morning Burst, Hydrating gel Moisturizer." Oh my god, the smell is amazing. It smells like melons, and from a person who doesn't even really like melons, it still smells like heaven. It's a really light formula that goes on really easily and sinks in real quick.

3. Face Exfoliator

I don't exfoliate every single day (that would be too much!) but when I do, I use the "Acure Brightening Facial Scrub." It has argan stem cell and chlorella growth factor, and because of those ingredients, it kind of looks like you're putting seaweed mud on your face. Sounds gross, but I swear, after, your face feels like a baby's bum. 

4. Body Butter

I've got a huge tub of the "Shea Body Butter" by The Body Shop, and if there's still anyone out there who hasn't tried it (I swear, everyone has, by now), The Body Shop body butters are like really thick moisturizers. Usually, I find them kind of gross and sticky, as they tend to be very oily (especially in the summer), but in the winter time, I'm so dry, I literally could not care. The thickness and oiliness actually goes to help my skin be "normal." 

5. Hydrating Face Mask

Again, this is something I don't use daily (more like weekly), the one I have is the "Amino Herbal Hydration Mask" by OZ Naturals. I tend to use this in conjunction with the face exfoliator mentioned above, and the combo gives me what feels like new skin. If you ever see me stroking my face like a weirdo, you know what products I just used on my face, LOL. This mask is a clear gel that you just apply to your face, and as it dries, it gives you this cooling, tingly feeling that's really nice. The mask also has hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5, and vitamin E, which are all super great for your skin.

Are there any items that are absolutely essential in your winter skincare routines? Leave them in the comments below, as I would love to find more gems, haha.

Thanks for reading!

Blue Neighbourhood||A Review

Blue Neighbourhood is an album by Troye Sivan, released on December 4th, 2015. It's Troye's first album, and kind of a follow up after his EP, WILD. The deluxe album features 15 tracks.

I love the ENTIRE album, but I thought I would share some of my favourites. :) (Oh gosh, it's going to be so hard to pick, they are all literally the best). This list is ordered by the way they appear on the official track list.

1. Fools

Fools has a really nice melody, and its about a relationship that's going downhill because of something Troye did. It's a song that unfortunately I can relate to on a personal level. My favourite lyric is "I don't give a fuck, I'm not giving up, I still want it all."

2. Talk Me Down

Talk Me Down is about an innocent love, as depicted by the lyric, "I wanna sleep next to you, but that's all I wanna do right now." This song has a really catchy melody, and its the kind that you'll find yourself humming hours later.

3. Heaven

Heaven has what I think is the most powerful lyric of the entire album, "Without losing a piece of me, how do I get to heaven? ... So if I'm not losing a piece of me, maybe I don't want heaven." He wrote this song because so many religions say that to enter heaven, you cannot be gay. Troye spent his whole life worrying about having to change himself to get to heaven, because his present self wasn't good enough. But, one day he realized, maybe he doesn't need heaven if the cost is changing who he is.

4. Youth

This song just has a super duper catchy tune (the kind that makes you want to dance), and really cool instrumentals. (His fans like to call him a dancing noodle in that video LOL)

And, yeah, yeah, I know no one gets CD's anymore, but I just really like having physical copies of things. (Plus, one day they'll be vintage, like vinyls are)

If you were to go listen to just a few songs off Troye's album, I definitely recommend those four (they're even linked for you already!).

If you've listened to the album, what are your favourite songs?


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