//Autumn Vibes w/ the BFF//

 Hello online world!

It's been a while... Sorry. I've been busy. If you asked me a year ago if I thought second year could be any more hectic than first I would have been like, "Wait, it can get worse?!" So yeah, whoops.

Yesterday, the results of the presidential election came in.... And even though I'm a Canadian, I'm still just like "!?!?!?!?!" how did that even happen, guys!?

ANYWAYS. My friend took some photos of me, and I ended up derping around with his camera, here's some of the snaps:

Only I would think it'd be cool to take pics under a tree

Me looking at my future like...


I'm so happy for someone who is dying from school.

In love with this pic

I think I'm so badass lmao.

Not sure what I think of this one... it was really hard to get a sharp image with such a slow shutter in a moving car..

Bokeh for dayyyyys

There's nothing better than pho at midnight with a cool person.

I'm thinking of getting a proper camera (super soon) and hopefully, I'm not super shit at taking pictures, if I can do that, guess what's coming your way???? That's right, MORE PHOTOS. Ahaha, anyways, thanks for reading, and viewing my nonsense.

Til next time,




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