ONE YEAR! and Canada Day

Oh gosh. Sorry for the hiatus, but holy crap, this blog is an entire year old hahaha.

Also, it's Canada day! Just so this post isn't an entire waste of a post, Here are some fun facts on Canada

  • Canada is the second largest country
  • Canada consumes more mac and cheese than any other country LOL
  • License plates in North West Territories is shaped like a polar bear (adding to the stereotype)
  • The coldest temperature ever was recorded in Canada (-64C)
  • The maple leaf flag we know today only became the official flag of Canada in 1965, almost 100 years after Canada became a country (1867)
  • The one dollar coin is actually called a loonie! It's called that because on the coin, is a picture of a loon (bird)
Also, go watch this video made by IISupwerwomanII where she throws shade at Americans (hehe)

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