DIY Notebooks | Requested

Hello guys! Here is the LOOOONG awaited DIY that's been requested for over a month now, an in-depth tutorial on how to make the notebooks from this post.


  • notebooks to decorate
  • decorative/scrapbook paper (I got mine from here)
  • acrylic paint/paintbrush
  • scissors
  • glue
  • computer and printer
  • Mod Podge (optional)

Scrapbook Method

Start with measuring how much paper you need and mark it with a pen about 1-2cm away from the edge of your notebook as shown. Then, cut along the line.

It should look like this. Then flip over, and cut the corners off. (I've marked it out in the next picture) We do this so it's easier to fold over.

The finished inside cover should look like the bottom picture. But, if you want to make it look more professional, you can take another piece of scrapbook paper, or even plain white printer paper to cover the raw edges we made.

Ombré Method

If you don't want to go out and get scrapbook paper, or you want something a bit different, this one is for you! 

Start out with painting the top of a sheet of printer paper with your chosen colour. Then, slowly add white to the colour bit by bit while you move down the paper, and you'll get an ombré. When it's done it should look like the picture on the right. 

This is optional, but you can add a layer of Mod Podge over top the entire page. I did that because I didn't like the texture of the acrylic paint.

To apply it to the notebook, you just do the same as the scrapbook method.


This part is done on the computer. I used Photoshop for this, but you can really just use Microsoft Word or another word processing program. (For Photoshop users, make the image size 8.5"/11" and 300dpi) I started by making a circle then copy and pasting the number of circles I need. Then, I wrote the subject title inside the circle. The font I used is Passion Tea.

Putting it Together

All's left to do is print out your page of titles and stick them onto your notebook! Now you have these awesomely cute notebooks :)

Thank you for waiting so long for this!!! I hope this was clear :/ but, if you have any questions, please comment down below :)


PS. Good luck with the whole situation, I know I need some

Legal 19!

A few days ago, I turned legally 19. And for those of you that don't know, the legal drinking age in Ontario is... 19! Gurl got turrrrrnnnnt (I'm kidding, I would never do that lmao) But, I wanted to do something, so I got together with a friend and we went to a rooftop bar/restaurant in the heart of downtown Toronto.

We mainly went there for the photos, though, seeing as everything there was expensive af. We were not disappointed, the view of the 6ix was great, and the food that we did order tasted great (no photos of the food, whoops!) Then after that, we went to get some real dinner at a nearby ramen place. The ramen was delicious, and my only complaint was that it was a bit too salty. All in all, a great night :)

It was so bright!!!!

Sipping beer like a 5 year old :D

Yes, it's the iconic "follow me around" picture

Thanks for reading,


PS. The reason I keep delaying that DIY notebook post y'all want is because I'm waiting for a very specific back-to-school sale!!! In that sale, the notebooks I'll be using will cost 5 cents instead of the usual $1.10. Yes, call me a cheapo; I do not care. But the tutorial is coming, I promise!

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