Legal 19!

A few days ago, I turned legally 19. And for those of you that don't know, the legal drinking age in Ontario is... 19! Gurl got turrrrrnnnnt (I'm kidding, I would never do that lmao) But, I wanted to do something, so I got together with a friend and we went to a rooftop bar/restaurant in the heart of downtown Toronto.

We mainly went there for the photos, though, seeing as everything there was expensive af. We were not disappointed, the view of the 6ix was great, and the food that we did order tasted great (no photos of the food, whoops!) Then after that, we went to get some real dinner at a nearby ramen place. The ramen was delicious, and my only complaint was that it was a bit too salty. All in all, a great night :)

It was so bright!!!!

Sipping beer like a 5 year old :D

Yes, it's the iconic "follow me around" picture

Thanks for reading,


PS. The reason I keep delaying that DIY notebook post y'all want is because I'm waiting for a very specific back-to-school sale!!! In that sale, the notebooks I'll be using will cost 5 cents instead of the usual $1.10. Yes, call me a cheapo; I do not care. But the tutorial is coming, I promise!


  1. Looks like a lovely venue with a gorgeous view. Hope you had a good time having your first legal drink! Thanks for sharing.

    xxxx from Emily //


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