Instagram Diary: Dogwood 52 Challenge

In the beginning of 2016, I started a photography challenge called the Dogwood 52 Challenge. It's basically a year long challenge where you take a photo every week that is inspired by a given prompt. I thought I'd go through some of my past photos and explain a few of them to you guys (so this entire post is basically a huge self-promo session hehe). All of these posts can be found on my Instagram.

The first prompt for 2016 was to begin things off with a selfie. But me being me, I can't take selfies to save my life. However, it was the beginning of the year and I wanted to complete the challenge badly so I settled with a picture that included as little of me as possible.

Week 4's prompt was a headshot. The picture is one of my friend Neesh on a day where he was basically showing me around the UofT St. George campus. In the photo, the lighting is pretty shitty and that's why it looks kinda blurry, but Neesh made it up by being an awesome model :)

Week 8 consisted of the big ol' panorama. Taken on the gloomiest day ever (thanks Canada). It was raining, super windy, and freezing, so I didn't even bother to check if the photo was a good one, or to take more than one. Thank god it turned out okay (or I would have been photoless for a week)

I didn't even know what highkey meant in the photography world before this, lol. This photo was actually taken when I tagged along with my friend during his shoot of the week. While we were walking home, we came across my old elementary school. Feeling very nostalgic, I asked to stop by and take pics. Trying to get even more of a schoolgirl vibe, I posed on the bench in the typical picture day pose— knees together and hands in lap.

This photo was taken after my first trip to downtown Toronto alone for the sole purpose of wandering around. I was hoping to get a picture of Chinatown (as I haven't been there very many times). I went in not knowing what to expect, and came out with lots of photos and bubble tea.

There are some other pictures that I took that day and didn't use for Dogwood:

2 bananas in one! How cool!!

Pastel houses are the best.

This picture was taken on a night when I went to visit my old cadet squadron, and is my first attempt at a light trail type of photo. It was taken over a highway, but sadly there weren't as many cars as I hoped there would be.

 This was taken just a few days ago on a yacht called Obsession III at a dinner party that was hosted by my dad's work place for their 25th anniversary. The boat toured the GTA waters and I got to see this beautiful skyline in the day and night.

There are some other pictures:

I'm just gonna hope at least one of you found this interesting LOL, thanks for reading,

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