8 Shows You HAVE TO See

Gosh, sometimes it astonishes me how much great content there is in this world. And, I, like most other people, love snuggling up in bed to watch a good TV show, so I thought I'd share some of the ones I like the most with you :)

1. Sherlock

To me, Sherlock isn't really a TV show but more more of a series of movies, as every episode is 1.5h long. I love Benedict Cumberbatch in this show, I love how he can string together long lines at an amazing speed and not mess up. I also love Sherlock's relationship with his partner-in-crime, John Watson. BBC does a very accurate modern interpretation of Conan Doyle's books. If you haven't seen the series, you must.


By Avatar, I'm talking about both The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra. The first thing that I really noticed with these two shows is the different art styles. Legend of Korra seems to have a very comic book art style, while Last Airbender looks more like an anime. 

Even though these two shows are meant for children, it still has a very gripping storyline, one that I would say is better than some of the adult TV shows I've seen. While I was watching these series, I found myself wishing that magic like this existed, that I, too, could be a bender. It's the perfect mixture of serious action and comic relief. If you want to watch this show (which you really should), I recommend clearing up your schedule, because you will not be able to stop at just one episode.


Yes, yes, I know this is not the most recent show, but I started about a week ago and I must say, I'm hooked. I'm not even done the series yet, and I already know that it's one of my favourites. I love how many powerful, smart, and cunning women there are in this series, I love how the main character is a strong independent black woman. This show has a way of conveniently leaving out crucial information that the plot needs and ends every single episode on a cliffhanger, which only makes me want to see the next episode even more, and thus the reason to my binge-watching behaviour for the past week.

As a person who is a sucker for corny endings, the love triangle I found myself in was perfect to keep my eyes peeled to the screen. I can't properly review this one, as I haven't finished it, but there is something truly amazing about this show, and if you were to watch even one episode, I think you'd see what I mean.

Gossip Girl

Another oldie, but another goodie. The story starts when the super rich and super popular Serena Van Der Woodsen arrives back in the Upper East Side of NYC. There, we meet her best friend, Blair Waldorf. Blair, who is by far my favourite character is so sassy and cunning; her remarks make my entire life.

As we watch, we get entangled in the drama of the Upper East Side, watching as an anonymous blogger, Gossip Girl, leaks everyone's secrets. If, like me, you've dreamed about living lavishly, with more money in your bank that you could imagine, this show is for you. Side note: this show contains one of my favourite ships everrr XD

The Vampire Diaries

Don't judge till you've seen it, okay? I know the vampire fad died out a long time ago, after Twilight, but, this show is nothing like the die-hard romance you find in many other vampire series. Even though this show is mainly following Elena Gilbert and her love interests, it's so much more than that. Through The Vampire Diaries, a whole new world is created, a world whose history seems to all surround in Mystic Falls. While I ship Blair and Chuck so hard, they have nothing on Delena. Delena forever!!


I have no shame in admitting that I am in love with this children's series. Honestly, I don't even understand how this was meant for children, the storyline is so bloody and gruesome sometimes that I would rate it PG 13 at least. If you're going to watch this, I recommend watching it in Japanese with subtitles. That way you can really see the exact words of each character and their intended tone.

From the beginning, you can tell Kagome and InuYasha were destined to be with each other, but, for 99.9% of the story, they remain only friends, and I love that about the story. There love for each other is completely emotional and not tinted by physical attractiveness at all and that hits me right in the feels. Not ashamed to say that they're my OTP <3 <3 (insert crazy fangirl noises here)


Canadians represent!!!! I feel so proud of the fact that I can recognize some of the sets in Suits because it was shot in Toronto, even though the story itself takes place in New York. Suits is about an illegitimate lawyer who is a super-genious-mastermind and the lawyer that hired him. As their relationship grows, and drama surfaces, we learn that they would go to any lengths possible for the people they love, especially each other. This is another binge watching worthy show, so set aside a lot of time for this one, folks!

Once Upon A Time

Why don't I hear people talking about this more often!?!? This show is golden! I can't be the only one who still loves a good fairytale... This show starts when Emma is taken to Storybrooke by Henry, a son she had and gave up for adoption. Henry tries to convince Emma that she is the daughter of Snow White and that all the fairytale characters were stuck without their happy endings. Emma is the Saviour, she is the one that will bring back all the happy endings. But, being the normal, sane adult Emma is, she doesn't believe Henry. 

This show is so friggen good. Unlike Disney, where everything is super duper happy and everyone is fine and dandy, Once Upon A Time tells these fairytales in such a real and heart-wrenching way. The producers almost make you believe that this could have indeed happened, in a far away land, in another reality. This show is the perfect mix of magic and the real world. If you really like princesses, and fairies, magic, and adventure, this show is the one for you!

Yeah, when I started to write this post, I didn't realize it would end up just being a massive fangirl session for me. So, sorry if I don't make sense at some points; it's only because I am so so so excited and passionate about these shows. They honestly are the best ever. 

If you have any shows that you think should have made this list, please comment below, because binge watching shows is one of my all time favourite activities ;)


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