6 Musts to Have the Best Summer Ever

Summer is upon us!! (Almost) Although, for us Canadians, I doubt it'll ever be summer :( Here are a list of 6 things that will be sure to make your summer a much more enjoyable one!

1. Sunscreen

Yes, that is a silly band. Don't hate.

This one is a no-brainer! How can you have a good summer with burnt peeling skin? Ouch!! I like to use a good heavy duty one like the  Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunscreen with a whopping SPF 60. It's sure to keep those harmful UV rays from hurting you!

2. Make a Summer Bucket List

A "best summer ever" means different things for different people. So, grab a pen and paper and ask yourself, what does "best summer" mean to you? Jot some ideas down, but don't make it TOO crazy and undoable XD. Now, the challenge is to do it all! 

Even though you may not be able to travel far, I'm sure there are still many nooks and crannies in your city/town that you have not yet seen, so do a google search and make that list! The picture shows some of the things that I would put on my "Summer of '16 Bucket List."

3. Camera

In the picture, I have an old point and shoot camera that I rarely use anymore (I basically pulled it out just for the picture haha). But, you can use any kind of camera to capture your memories this summer, whether it be your mobile camera (phone cameras are getting ridiculously good these days!), a point and shoot, a DSLR, or even a polaroid! I think taking pictures with a polaroid would be so cool, because they're printed instantly and you can use it to make wall art or a scrapbook.

4. Journal

This one kind of ties in with the last one if you have a polaroid. Like a camera captures moments, a journal can capture emotions and entire days. They can even help you plan your adventures! In my photo, I show a page of my bullet journal. I plan to get some washi tape to help my decorating process, and maybe even splurge on a polaroid! (we'll see)

5. A Favourite Summer Dress/Outfit

Don't mind my double chin peaking out ;)
What better way to explore the city than in what makes you feel most comfortable and happy? In the picture, I'm wearing a beautiful palm-printed dress that I got from H&M last year. It makes me so happy to be in it :)

6. Environmentally Friendly Transportation

Not that you need a "summer body" (any body you already have is just fine), but it is healthy to get in exercise whenever possible. So, when having these adventures during the summer, when you can, use an environmentally friendly method of getting there!

For me currently, it's the bike, but it could be by foot, penny board, or rollerblades. Not only can you tone up your body, but it's also completely free! (which is always a win with me haha)

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