Christmas Adventures

A few days ago, I went to the Toronto Christmas Market. I mostly went there to see all the festive scenes and admire the Christmas trees and to obnoxiously sing Christmas carols; I already knew everything would be hella expensive (sorry, I'm a broke uni student here lol). Here are a compilation of pictures I took.

The sky was so beautifully clear.
The fairy lights are so amazing!
When I saw that ladybug at a nearby park, I just HAD to go for a ride haha
Loving that cobblestone aesthetic

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, how ever green thy branches...
Is it just me, or do these stores look so beautiful? (especially the pastels)

That sunset tho!!

Fairy lights galore!

Goodbye 2015....
Merry Christmas and happy holidays, guys!!



  1. Oh, I have such a sweet spot for christmas lights. And these are all beautiful! Great photos!

  2. Amazing post very festive

  3. Amazing photos !! :)
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  4. Love the photos!

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