2015 in Review

2015 was an interesting year for me. I can't say it was the worst, but it definitely wasn't the best either. Let's go over (in kind of chronological order) what happened this year...

In 2015...

  • A relationship that was really important to me ended. What a great start off to the year, right?
  • I sent in my university applications and received some early acceptances. This gave me a great boost to my non-existent self-esteem at the time.
  • I got a promotion in Air Cadets to the rank of Warrant Officer 2nd Class
  • Graduated from Air Cadets, something that I had been a part of since I was 12.
  • Graduated from high school. Thank god, that place was a nightmare.
  • Moved into my dorm. This was my first time living away from my family, an interesting and fun experience.
  • Started university. Realized I wasn't understanding anything in chemistry, freaked out... BUT, eventually it got better, and now, everything is fine. (yay)
  • Felt happy. For the first time, I actually felt happy for long periods of time as an individual. As stressful university is, I actually like it! 
I think those are the biggest events of this year... It wasn't the best year, but it was a year of change, and change is almost always hard. 

2015 started bad, but is going to end well. My only hope for 2016 is that it starts well, and ends well. I know that bad things are inevitable, so I know that the new year won't be full of 100% happy things, but I only hope that I approach the bad situations with a good outlook.

Happy new year, guys!


  1. Sorry to hear your relationship ended but on the plus side, congratulations for getting accepted into uni! xx



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