Canada || Blue Mountain + Pumpkins + Waterfall!

I actually love how the light is illuminating me :D
Long time no talk!!! Second year is actual death. (Sorry to all the people who are in first year or high school and want to pursue science) but tis life. 

Anyways, I went sightseeing like a tourist a few days ago, and here are some photos!

I went to Blue Mountain, Ontario, which is supposed to be a ski resort, but like there were dying leaves that had pretty colours so..... :D Naturally, we climbed that mountain and holy crap. It was... exercise. D:

Outfit: Jeans-Aeropostale from a long time ago, plaid shirt & striped shirt-Ardene, boots-Walmart, bag-Calvin Klein

The view thooooo

Oh god my face 

Apple farm!
Tiny foodz.
Mmmmmmm delicious!


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