Meeting LaurDIY

This past Sunday (August 8th, 2015), Lauren of LaurDIY had a meetup in Toronto. And... well, I couldn't not go, could I? I mean, Lauren is one of the my most watched YouTubers, so when given the chance to experience her in the flesh, I was all for it. :P

I had previously seen her at the Youtube FanFest Toronto, had a few of my tweets favourited by her, and sent her fanmail (which she acknowledged and thanked me by posting an Instagram), so I'd like to say I had a fair amount of contact with her. But, I'd never met her, not really, and now I can say I have. :)

I filmed a little video of the process of getting there and included pictures of the actual meeting. But, keep in mind that vlogging in public is something that I'm TERRIFIED of, so I didn't get very much footage, and there's no dialogue at all, haha.


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