A New "New Year's Resolution"?

I said in an earlier post that I would only have 2, buuuuut, I think a third has creeped its way into my life.  The new one is..... exercise!

Now, now, I know that you all think, "Omg she is just like all the other annoying people who are like 'this year, I'm going to get super fit' and stop the regiment after a month." But I'm going to REALLY try. Try to exercise more, that is, just more, not every day.

I've been on and off following Cassey from Blogilates, but haven't actually done most of her workouts. But, recently, I've found myself back on her page more often and trying some of them out. (As a result, my body is sore to the max!)

If you guys also have exercise on your list of things to make a habit, and haven't given Cassey's workouts a try, here's one!

Have fun!



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