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On August 30th, I moved into my university, and since then, I've had about a week to settle in. Here are some pictures of my dorm surroundings.

Can you believe this is the principal's house? It's so beautiful!

My current desk setup. (That notebook is my bullet journal) *
Oh look! A shelf! And a DIY clock!
My floral bedsheets and my postcard/polaroid collection.
The view outside my window.
Moving anywhere can come with a lot of excitement and troubles. However, moving into a university dorm is quite unique because everyone else is just as confused, scared, lost, and excited as you are.

The day began with me waking up way too early after a sleepless night. I packed the last few things and anxiously waited around until it was time to leave. Finally, we began our 45 minute drive to my university campus. My family and I were greeted with joyful cheers of "Welcome home!!!" All of the volunteers for the move-in day were so excited and helpful.

Later that day, after my family had left, after I'd met up with a friend that I'd gone to high school with, after I'd met my roommate, it dawned on me how quiet my room could be. Sure, the walls of my dormitory are thin, but there was an overwhelming sense of calmness and quiet (which I grew to like) and for the first time, I missed home.

The first few nights were very strange. Back at home, I have a set routine to most aspects of my day. For example, my first time showering at the dorm was SO strange! I had no idea where to do what, when to do what, and where to put what. The process ended up taking so much longer than it usually does at home.

But now, after a week, I think I've got it handled pretty nicely. I sort of have a routine going on, and hopefully it'll only get better. :)

More to come,


*If you want more detail on my bullet journal, please comment down below c:

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